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What Do Valuers Look at During House Valuations?

Our Guide To House Valuations

The purpose of a house valuation is to estimate the total market price of a particular house as it currently stands.

This is based on the value of similar houses nearby, and property valuations that the valuer has previously performed. It is carried out by experienced property assessors, such as Peterson Property Valuations, and helps to give the homeowner an idea of what to expect if they put their house up for sale.

First Impressions

The valuer will be working from the perspective of a future buyer. This means that they will start their assessment as soon as they come onto your property.

They will look at the surrounding land, if there is any, and the condition of the building.  In particular, the valuer is alert to access, views, the condition and type of surrounding development, excessive road or rail noise, any other factor which has a strong impact on the liveability of the dwelling.

During an Inspection

The valuer will need to take their time to assess the property. They will usually take about an hour to walk through the house, taking note of each particular area and deciding how much a potential buyer would be willing to spend on it.  

At Peterson Property Valuations, we will take plenty of time to make a full assessment of your home.

Making note of features

As the valuer passes through the property, they will take particular note of important areas of your home. This might mean that they are looking at specialised features that could be valuable to future buyers, or it may be that they are spotting areas where you need to resolve damage or perform repairs.  Your valuer will:

  • Note building construction materials;
  • Measure floor areas;
  • Note fixtures and fittings;
  • Look at the condition of the property particularly any obvious defects or repairs required;
  • Take digital photographs.

Asking questions

You might find that your Sunshine Coast property valuer asks you a number of questions about the property. For example, the valuation might ask questions about improvements undertaken since the property was purchased by you and whether these are Council approved. 

Your valuer is not a building inspector but has accrued a working knowledge of building construction that allows him/her to identify any obvious defects or poor workmanship.

Your valuer will probably not give you an opinion of value when he inspects but rather after he has fully investigated the property and inspected and analysed the sales.

Arranging a Valuation Quote

To arrange a property valuation quote, you can:

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