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Questions about valuations in South East Queensland

Confused by property valuation? There’s no need to be, as we’ve broken down some of the most commonly asked questions we receive on a daily basis.

If you’re still unsure about one of our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at Peterson Property Valuations in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast.

A valuer will visit your property to inspect the following details:

  • Building area and included accommodation (number and type of rooms)
  • Obvious defects & current condition
  • Layout & property presentation
  • Fitouts, fixtures & fittings
  • Recent renovations & improvement

We include high-resolution photos and a location map of the property. The valuer achieves the estimated figured by comparing your property considering all of the above and recent local sales of nearby properties. We have a detailed database which provides internal photographs, maps, sales records, accommodation details of recently sold properties which are compared directly to your property.

There are many reasons you may require a property valuation. These could include purchase or sale of the whole or part interest in the property, executors of deceased estates, family law disputes, assets for company accounts, valuation of properties held by Superannuation Funds, capital gains tax, proposed resumption by Government or related entity.

We offer varying turnaround times on our valuations. These include (timings are approximate only):

  • Pre-purchase property valuations take 48-hours
  • Pre-sale property valuations take 3–5 working days
  • Family law—including jointly appointed—valuations take 3–7 working days
  • Stamp duty valuations take 3–7 working days
  • Capital gains tax valuations take 3–7 working days

There are some strategies to increase the value of your property. If you ask our Valuer to include advice on possible improvement to the value or whether certain works should be undertaken prior to sale our Valuer will make comment either in person, by email or included in the Report.

The Valuer is a Court appointed Expert with a duty of care to both of the parties. He is provided with detailed guidelines by the Family Court regarding his role as an Expert and in particular he is not to be influenced unduly by either of the parties. He has to assess the value giving careful weight to all factors which affect the value. He should be in a position after completing the valuation to defend a valuation from any claim that it is too low or any claim that it is too high.

We include a Statement by Valuer in our Jointly Appointed Valuations that we have complied with the Court requirements and not been unduly influenced by either of the parties in concluding the value.