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How To Prepare For A House Valuation

Some think that preparing for a property valuer is a mission. However, if you keep on top of maintenance, the process will be straightforward. Preparing for residential property valuations in Sunshine Coast can make the process a lot smoother for yourself and the valuer.

Clean Your House 

Go beyond your everyday cleaning tasks and clean areas that you would not generally do. Focus on decluttering all excess belongings around the home – this allows the valuer to see the space more clearly for the report. Make necessary repairs around the house that you have been putting off like broken door handles or light bulbs that need replacing. If you are in the process of home renovations, you should complete these to the best of your ability to maximise the potential value of your property. 


Some Key Areas

  1. Keep your backyard as clean as possible. Mow and tidy your lawn as well as remove any excess weeds or rubbish.
  2. Clean your bathrooms and kitchen areas. These areas are looked at carefully as they can add significant value to property valuations in Sunshine Coast.
  3. You should vacuum and clean your floors before the vendor arrives.
  4. Valuers provide a minimum of five photos in a valuation report, usually front, kitchen, bathrooms, living, view, yard, rear and pool areas. So, it is best to present these areas in a clean and tidy manner.


Make sure you have the Building Plans, Rates Notice and more…

  1. If you have a copy of your building plans, print or digital, give a copy to your valuer before the valuation as this will help speed up the process and help with a full assessment.
  2. Let the valuer know of any very recent sales figures for nearby properties. Try to collect evidence of this, for example, a sales brochure or real estate agents contact details.


Ensure the valuer knows about everything

If the property has any hard to see features, be sure to let the valuer know so they can take those into consideration. This could also include advising the valuer of any recent renovations and the approximate cost of those renovations.


Be Honest & Realistic

Be honest with yourself and with the valuer. A certified valuer will be able to determine the value of your property, so there is no point in exaggerating. A valuer’s job is to assess your property’s value based on the market and sales of properties like yours to provide a fair market value.


How long will it take?

The length of time a property valuation may take can vary depending on the size of your house. However, it could take anywhere from 30 min to 60 min. 


How long does it take to get the results of the valuation

This takes time, as the valuer needs to do their research, compare the property to similar sales, and make their assessment.

The best thing you can do is be prepared and show your property at its best.

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