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How much is my property worth?

At Peterson Property Valuations, our team of Valuers offer complete peace of mind, value for money and service with a smile.


Whether you’re buying, selling or planning a renovation, a property valuation provides an accurate assessment of your local market. We carry out our research based on current and historic market values related to the immediate geographical area.


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Luxury House — Property Valuation in Sunshine Coast, QLD

Pre-Purchase Property Valuations

A pre-purchase valuation gives you confidence that you’re not paying in excess of market value for your home or investment property. 


These reports are also used as a negotiating tool to support offers where the asking price exceeds the fair market value. These are often requested by buyers attending Auctions.



Our pre-purchase valuations typically include 6–8 sales comparisons—often drawn from within a 1-kilometre radius of the property that have occurred in the last 6–8 months. 


Our valuations include digital photographs, aerial photographs, location map and a detailed description of fixtures and fittings. We offer a 48-hour (from inspection) turnaround on these valuations.

Pre-Sale Property Valuations

A pre-sale valuation ensures you are putting the property into the market at a realistic price giving you confidence that it will compete favourably with the market. 


It also reaffirms the price if you’ve had differing market appraisals from real estate agents and assures that your property is not sold below its real value.



Pre-sale valuations consider all aspects of the property itself as well as actual sale prices of comparable properties achieved in the period immediately prior to the valuation.


They are also used as a negotiating tool to support your asking price and can be provided to a prospective buyer to give them confidence in the value.



Digital photographs, aerial photographs, location map and a detailed description of fixtures and fittings are packaged with the valuation. Typical timing for a pre-sale valuation is 3–5 working days from inspection.

Stamp Duty Valuations

Purchase by Family – Whole or Part Share.


These are often called “sales to related parties”. 


These sales can occur to protect assets in the case of one of a marriage being exposed to litigation in their business.  If the family home is held by a spouse it is clear of risk of financial attack on the other party.


Part shares may also be purchased by siblings, children or parents often to help family members.


The Commissioner of State Revenue in Queensland collects Stamp Duty on all property purchased and requires a valuation where there is any relationship between seller and buyer.  This is to ensure duty is paid on the “fair market price”.


These purchases may have Capital Gains implications.


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How To Prepare For Property Valuations

No special preparation is necessary.


If you know of defects in the dwelling make a list to provide to the valuer so that he may take particular attention of these items.


Isolate any dogs/animals so that the valuer can easily access the property to inspect, measure and photograph.


If substantial improvements have been undertaken on the property prepare some notes as the valuer may ask you an order of cost for these works, for example, a covered deck may have been added at a cost of say $25,000.


If you have a set of building plans have these ready for the valuer to peruse while he is at the property.   The valuer also may ask you about the capacity of water storage tanks, solar panels and the size of any solar system.  Any special features, for example, a Bio-System should be pointed out to the valuer.


Tips for presenting your property for sale

If required, our valuer can make suggestions for presentation that will aid you in achieving the optimum sale price.  This might extend to whether to complete partially constructed building works, whether to replace the kitchen or appliances, whether to repair a pool leak, etc.

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