property settlement after separation

Valuations for separation & divorce proceedings in South East Queensland

Valuations are needed in family law proceedings to provide a fair division of assets between separating parties. At Peterson Property Valuations, we offer our services to allow the parties to come to a negotiated settlement based on a confident and fair view of the property value. Our reliable team services clients throughout South East Queensland.

A family law valuation may be subject to litigation and requires accurate details of the property. This often comes down to the brand names of fixtures and fittings and a comprehensive description of the latest renovations or taking proper account of the condition of improvements. These valuations are undertaken on behalf of one of the parties—or both in the case of jointly appointed valuations where each of the parties usually pay half of the valuation fee. Valuers undertaking jointly appointed valuations have specific instructions which are set out comprehensively by the Family Law Court.

If necessary, these valuations can be presented in court and in preparation for a possible conference with a valuer representing the other party. Family law valuations include all information provided with our standard property valuations as well as a Statement of Compliance with Family Court rules. Generally, they are provided to clients within 5–7 working days of initial inspection.

Please contact our team for more information on any family law valuations.

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